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Elite Builders of Blenheim

The Builder will make contact within a couple of weeks of receiving the contract documents and he will invoice you for the deposit amount (this is 5% of the contract price and the split up of all payments will be shown in the contract documents.)
Upon receipt of the deposit amount the Builder will sign his portion of the contract documents and begin the initial stage. He requires the deposit to organise and pay for the full set of working drawings, Council approvals, Energy requirements, Insurance premium, Workplace Health and Safety requirements etc. When he receives these documents he will pass copies on to you. (If there is a loan involved with the project, it is important to know the requirements of the Bank, in most cases they will not finalise the loan and release any funds until they have copies of the above mentioned documents,.) Therefore, it is important to be aware that you need to be able to pay this deposit payment before the Builder can organise these plans, approvals, insurance etc. (which the Bank may require prior to finalising your finance.)
Throughout the project, the Builder will liaise directly with you in regards to each step of the building process, progress payments etc.

With any contract signed before the end of September the buyer will receive a new car free. There will be a draw on October 5 and the winner will receive a second car.


This is Ian Rose, he is a foreman.

This is Katie Jones, she is the designer.

This is June Straw, and she is our office lady.